In a world of many loud voices crying out for our attention, there is still a quiet voice.
In our hurried world, how do we understand the way sunlight makes a cloud glow and turns its fringes to gold; or the wind blowing through the trees; the rhythmic sound of the waves; how do these soothe our soul?  One could spend a lifetime studying how many colors there really are in a “green tree,” or how the constantly changing sunlight touches and illuminates the world around us.  We can learn from still water which becomes a mirror and reflects the sky and trees above when in the shade: but when illuminated by sunlight, the water is transparent and the world below is clear.  Our creative God speaks in so many ways to those who will take the time to listen.
In my busy times I think there is no time to unwind enough for such subtle messages from God, but then I realize that when I am in that state of mind, I need these messages the most.
It all started when I painted my first painting in High School. A short time later, I bought a few tubes of paint and some canvas boards and began a part of my life that is still as exciting and consuming today as it was back in those early years. When I see something that really touches me, I want to capture that moment and re-live it over again and share what I saw or felt with others.  My hope is that my work will stir something inside someone or be a reminder of a good memory that has been buried away. It is also a great blessing for me to know that a painting has become a part of a family and is an encouragement in their everyday life. I am a registered architect by profession and also enjoy woodworking.